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Blackbird Kush




Blackbird Kush Marijuana Strain also known as Purple Kush, Blackbird Kush is a potent indica strain that is a crossover between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It has a THC content of almost 22% and can leave you feeling stoned for hours.

Flowering Time

Indoor: 56 days.
Outdoor: 2nd week of September

Indoor: 350gms per plant
Outdoor: 300gms per plant

99% Indica
1% Sativa


Blackbird Kush plant is short heighted and has dense, dark green buds with purple hues. Flowering time for this plant is 7 – 8 weeks and the yield is impressive as well. The plant can grow well in a dry climate outdoors but can be grown indoors as well. The strain has an earthy and spicy aroma with a sweet grape aftertaste. The pungent strain can give you a long lasting buzz that can cure headaches, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, insomnia, chronic pain and tremors.

It can treat inflammation and nausea and can work well as a sedative and an anti-biotic. A few tokes will elevate your mood, making you crack with laughter and will leave you feeling lazy and sleepy. Smokers who puff on this strain in the evening or before bedtime will ease into a sound sleep and will wake up refreshed and relaxed. The funky sweetness of the strain will leave you craving for more.