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Peach Cake


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Peach Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid which is the result of crossing between the White Russian and Black Domina strains. It offers its user a calming, relaxing, and very sedating high, often ending up in couchlock. For this reason, it’s best reserved for end-of-day use. In terms of flavor, Black Russian couldn’t be more different from its name, as it’s very light and fruity with notes of mango, lemon, and berry.”

Flowering Time
Indoor: 60-65 days.
Outdoor: 1st week of October

Indoor: 400gms per plant
Outdoor: 450gms per plant

99% Indica
1% Sativa

Needs to cure a minimal 30 days to reach full potential.

Trophy Wife is a male phenotype of Wedding Cake aka “Wedding Cake F2”. [Wedding Cake] was originally created by Seed Junky from a cross of [Triangle Kush x Animal Mints, Phinest Cut] with the result named, “Triangle Mints”, and later renamed “Wedding Cake” by the Jungle Boys in Southern California. Surfr Seeds also bred Trophy Wife (“Triangle Mints”) to use in numerous crosses for which they are known. Trophy Wife is an earthy sweet strain with a dash of “gas” in its terpene profile which makes it a “go-to” classic for many connoisseur consumers. Trophy Wife is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that will sit you down for a strong and fairly long-lasting high.